Green Building Council LEED V3 Certification For the New LEED GA Exam

When you prepare to take the LEED GA Green Associate v3 exam to become certified it is a great fact to know that your score will be broken down into four separate categories instead of being over just a broad base. The four categories of the leed certification exam are the knowledge of the requirements and intent for leed credits, team and project coordination, leed process being implemented, and that you can perform technical analysis as well as verify and participate in the things required for certification CISM exam .

All of the questions on the exam will be taken from one of the four categories. You will not really know which category the questions fall under during the exam. Remember, if you fail the LEED GA Green Associate v3 , you will have the option to take the exam as many times as you need in order to obtain your leed certified. You need to remember that there is a fee for retaking the credits. In order to pass your overall exam you must have an average score of 65% to 70% on your exam. For those studying for the exam and need a bit of a helping hand for this test, just follow the tips in this article and hopefully they will give you the edge you need for this test.

The first category on the exam is leed certification exam are the knowledge of the requirements and intent for leed credits. This category is the section you want to have all facts memorized. You should study your credits and prerequisites in each summary. You should know all intentions, standards, implementations, and any other items in this category.

Second category is team and project coordination. This category in particular deals with the coordination of team members and the leed AP and the roles of each member. Before taking your exam become familiar and learn the involvement of team members and credits. Study any charts that may help in learning this information. Learn the standard codes and any opportunity for other facts in this category to appear on the exam.