Fix Your Credit Score – How the Bureaus Ignore Your Claims

Credit repair software allows consumers to quickly fix errors and erroneous information on their credit reports and thereby to improve their Credit rating. This is helpful as, over time, a bad credit rating can affect a person’s ability to get loans, purchase homes and vehicles, and even to get employment. As such, bad credit ratings are often the result of mistakes made on credit reports by a consumer, his/her creditors, or someone else who has had an impact on a consumer’s file. These errors may be due to clerical errors Read More Here, data errors, incomplete information, or some combination thereof. To successfully repair your credit rating, the best approach is to obtain a credit repair kit that provides step-by-step tutorials on fixing various areas of your report.

As suggested by Jim McCleary, CEO of The Credit Repair Organizations, or T Conv, an individual who wishes to repair his/her credit report should “know thyself first”. McCleary says, “you cannot trust anybody else to fix your report when you don’t know what you are doing yourself.” A good credit repair kit should include detailed instructions from experts who have repaired their own credit reports. This will enable consumers to repair their reports effectively and efficiently.

In addition to repairing your personal record, it is crucial to prevent identity theft. In fact, it is the fastest growing type of crime today. Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information for their own advantage, either for financial purposes, such as applying for a mortgage or credit card, or for malicious reasons, such as opening a new account in your name. As such, it is critical to address poor credit standing as soon as possible. By disputing bad entries with the three major credit reporting agencies, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft.

Disputing bad entries is simple. Many companies offer a free online dispute form that can be used to make the necessary changes to an existing credit report and/or file for a new credit report. The three major credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Consumers can access these websites from the federal trade commission website or via toll-free numbers that can be called. Each agency offers different methods of addressing the problem, so it is important to try different methods to determine what method works best.

When attempting to contact the agencies, one option is to send a letter to each company requesting information regarding the information that is being incorrectly reported. According to McClary says, “the federal trade commission strongly encourages individuals who believe they have been a victim of identity theft or a criminal act of fraud to notify the appropriate authorities. Reporting fraudulent or incorrect information in your credit report can not only allow you to repair your negative history, it can also be used against you during your future employment application.” Consumers can also join the credit repair industry organization, Credit Repair Organizations International, or the CROA, which has online educational programs, free seminars, and credit repair companies that can help consumers navigate the complex credit repair process. Consumers who are unable to resolve their credit problems on their own may consider hiring a professional credit repair company to assist them.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to deal with the complicated process of credit repair is to be patient. While the bureaus may be receptive to your concerns and offer helpful suggestions, the process can take months. There are no magic solutions, but there are reliable credit repair services that can help. To learn more about finding a reputable credit repair company, check out the website listed below.