Blog Tips

The trick here is to pick a niche topic that is very popular, then we help you set up a blog to contain your posts. It’s a good idea to post four or five short news articles on your blog every day (you can find many by just doing a search on the internet). Once your blog is up and running, we then show you how to have ads automatically generated from the topics you post. These ads will link to relevant affiliate products.

This is a brand new money making opportunity developing on the internet as we write this. It’s an opportunity that a few smart, tech savvy people have been secretly using for at least 7 years but for most internet users it is still a mystery.

This opportunity is not really about a new technology at all. Rather, it is a faster, simpler and easier way for people to find the exact information they are looking for on the internet.

These are Blogs and in the very near future Blogs will take over the internet and become as commonplace and widely uses as search engines are today People that understand and start creating Blogs now will be the ones that cash in on the coming Gold Rush as the masses of internet users begin to use them on a regular basis.

Blog stands for Web Log. (weB LOG – get it?) It is basically a journal that other internet users can read on the web.

Generally, postings on a blog are arranged in chronological order with the most recent addition displayed first.

What is an authority blog? It is a blog that has information that is so good that people trust the content enough to revisit it, share it with their friends and even link to it. Needless to say, that if people consider your site to be an authority they are more likely to buy from you. The following paragraphs include tips on how to build an authority blog. These paragraphs are not all-inclusive but they should give you a good start.

Add value to your blog. Build the site by giving people exactly what they are hoping for, that is, content that is chock full of value. It is important to focus on the quality of the information that you are presenting. Add more value to your blog by using valuable keywords, using a killer headline and including images that will wow your target audience.

Make sure that your site is trustworthy. When researching information to write about, check several sources to make sure that the information that you are using is valid and trustworthy. This will build a trusting relationship between you and your readers. Trust is a key to any valuable relationship and you do want to build a valuable relationship with your readers.

Build incoming links (backlinks). Consistently create great content that will promote organic links. Set up an RSS feed. Link to other blogs and they might return the favor. Write guest blog posts. Be the first blogger to comment on a news event. This will raise you to the top of the SERPs and others will link to you as they give their own accounts of the story.

Optimize your site so that search engines will rank it high. Use meta and title tags. In content marketing you want to make sure that your content is keyword rich. Make sure that you make use of your H1 heading near the top of the page by including keywords in it. Always update your blog with fresh content. This is best done by getting on a publishing schedule that you can stick to.

Target your market. I give the example of a laser beam. A laser beam that makes a hole does not shoot light in all different directions. It targets light in a steady beam to one place. The same thing applies to your marketing and blog writing. It is way more efficient to channel your efforts to one target market then to try to reach everyone and not reach anyone.

Make use of free traffic. Use even the basic methods of SEO to encourage the flow of natural traffic. Also, make your content so good that site visitors will tell their friends.

Do monetize your site. However, you want to do this in the most passive way possible. You don’t want to do anything that will offend your visitors.

Blogging is a very good way to make some extra money on the side and some bloggers have been so successful that blogging is now their main career.

However, part of their success has been, knowing about good SEO strategies. They haven’t just written their post, clicked on publish, and that is it. They have done their homework and some extra work on publicising their blog posts.

This is the main area where new bloggers fail and end up giving up because no one is reading their posts. They write a good post and then they expect the readers to just flock to them. But, they need to make sure that the readers know that the blog is there. This is where a good SEO strategy comes in.