How Does An Associate Degree Course Work?

A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree awarded at different colleges and universities after completion of a prescribed course of study ranging from two to four years. There are two common bachelor’s degrees offered at Universities. The Bachelor of Arts degree is usually intended for students with a personal interest in a variety of humanities and social science fields, while the Bachelor of Science degree is meant for students interested in a specific scientific field. Besides these two basic bachelor’s degree types, there are many other degree options available at the colleges.

Master’s Degree: This degree is an advanced degree in a particular academic area. The major focus of the Master’s degree is to produce professionals with an expertise in a specific làm bằng cao đẳng discipline, as well as people with a comprehensive understanding of the human subject. Many universities offer a wide selection of master’s degree programs. Some of them focus on a specific aspect of science or engineering while there are also those offering specialized master’s degrees in specific areas of science and engineering. For example, there are graduate degrees in mathematics that focus on the theories of math such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus and others. There are graduate degrees in accounting which focuses on the accounting courses such as micro and macro economics, statistics, investment and business management, supply chain management etc.

Ph.D. Degree: The Ph.D. Degree is a doctorate degree which is also awarded after two years of graduate studies at a University or College. In contrast to the Master’s degree, the Ph.D. Degree requires three years of graduate studies and is normally awarded after a one-year dissertation.

General Education Component: This is a non-traditional program where students have a choice between specializations in theses fields of their choice. The Bachelor of Arts degree includes a broad range of liberal arts courses which may include psychology, sociology, communications, literature and history among others. Then, the General Education Certificate is awarded after one year of the graduation. The General Education Certificate covers various aspects of social science and human development with an option of specialization in any of these.

Associate Degrees: The associate degrees offer specialization in specific academic areas. In the associate degree program students have to take up courses in specific concentrations like criminal justice, child development, and health care to name a few. In these associate degrees students have to apply for electives as they do not have to choose courses from the predefined courses in the school. For associate degrees the number of courses taken up may vary depending on the length of time to be completed and the course list offered by the school. In most of the vocational schools the student has to clear two years of course work to earn a bachelor degree.

Specializations: It is a part of the course work to develop a specialization. In this case the student has to select a specialization in which he feels interested. Specializations are available in almost all the fields of study including human resources, information systems, management, occupational therapy etc. in some institutions a minor specialization is also granted called ‘Minor specialty’ and it is a very useful course for students who want to go for a career in particular area. Students can further specialize by taking up additional courses for a diploma or another degree to enable them take up their careers in these fields.