Roulette Gambling System – Twisted Statistics

Ever since I was a young student I have loved casinos – I love the glitz and glamor. Every face tells a story in these places and I imagine everyone is fantastically rich. Of course the truth is probably a very different story. My friend recently announced he’d found a roulette gambling system that would make lots of money in casinos but I had to stop him before he set off for Monte Carlo with his building society savings.

What my friend had discovered was called the ‘Monte Carlo’ or ‘Gamblers’ fallacy – I think you can notice the pertinent part of the name BandarQ228 . This incredible roulette gambling system is based on the false premise that if you witness a series of deviations from the mean that these deviations will be balanced out by opposite deviations. So to put that into English if you watch a roulette game and notice that a red number comes up five times on a row then it becomes more statistically likely that black will come up on the next spin.

This of course makes sense logically (as something you might expect or be ‘due’) but mathematically it is incorrect. Each spin is an independent event and all previous spins have no bearing on the next spin. This mathematical fallacy is also the basis of another much touted roulette gambling system called the Martingale system. I’m sure anyone who has ever been to a casino has heard this one – you put your stake on say a red number coming up and then if you fail you keep doubling your stake until you win.

International Game Technology hosts one of the oldest wide-area progressive jackpot networks in the land-based casino world. Established in 1986, the ‘MegaJackpots’ network has been around for decades and has made dozens of players into multi-millionaires.

The MegaJackpots network made its debut in 1986 with the release of the Megabucks land-based slot machine. The game’s prize pool linked jackpots from several Megabucks games across Nevada, making for some of the biggest jackpot prizes ever seen in the casino gambling world.

After witnessing the immense success of the Megabucks slots game, IGT decided to expand the brand. Soon, the jackpot network was made available on a wide range of games. Some of the releases that followed Megabucks included the Addams Family, Wheel of Fortune and Elvis.

Over the years, the MegaJackpots progressive network has awarded over $3 billion in prizes. The biggest jackpots ever awarded in land-based casinos have come from IGT’s jackpot network, including a win at Las Vegas’ Desert Inn Resort worth over $34 million.

Whenever a player wins the grand prize, the jackpot for every game in the state’s network is reset. This base amount varies depending on the jurisdiction. Most of the prizes awarded by MegaJackpots are paid out in annuities, so players cannot claim it all at once. However, there are some exceptions. Mega Jackpots Instant Winner, Addams Family and Slotopoly are some of the games that offer up lump sum prizes.

When one talks of Poker, gambling is what immediately comes to mind and the image of men sitting around a green table smoking and swallowing gallons of beer. But for those couples who are undergoing marital hardships, poker can be the answer.

Here is what happened to a couple from Portland. Veronica and Dave were running into serious misunderstandings and they were feeling lost in their marriage. The fact that they were married for 17 years did not help. Then, one evening, as Veronica surfed the net, she landed on one of the many portals for online casinos through google. This was the spark needed.

Before this happened, the couple claimed they were drifting apart because they had no joint interest, but now the game has become more then a hobby for them. They seem to be on the way to become professionals. And judging by all the time and effort they are investing in it, their marriage is on the road to success too because they now have something common that is exciting and triggers feelings of self esteem and confidence in each other.

How Did It Happen?

It all started when one night Veronica entered Gambling Portal, where she found “the path to the internet game world”. “I was not looking for it” Veronica says “but I sure did find it”. She claims she did not notice she has been playing for hours, when her husband Dave came to see what she is up to. Since that night, their interest in card games grew and especially in poker. Their interest became greater and then a few weeks later; they decided to take professional lessons.