Why it Beats Offline Poker Every Time

While there are traditional (brick and mortar), casinos in many major cities and in every region, they do not excite potential poker players nearly as much as online poker does. This is due to the following reasons.

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Intimidating: For novice poker players or for those individuals that are not particularly impressive with their skill sets, playing other people, especially those who may have superior ability, might be intimidating. Internet poker is not as intimidating. You don’t have to expose your real identity and you don’t know the other people that you are playing. This makes it much easier to risk getting your behind handed to you allbet casino . You are also probably more willing to stick to it and put in the time and effort to improve because you can do so from the privacy of your own home.

Embarrassing: Some individuals have qualms about going into casinos. They may not want anyone to see them visiting or leaving a casino, much less actually playing a game. This is not a problem when you are playing internet poker. You can play whenever and to your hearts content because no one will ever know.

Expensive: Traditional casinos have much higher overheads then online casinos. As a result, the minimum bet requirements at the table are much harder. Online, you can start playing a hand for as little as $.02. Also many online poker sites will match your initial deposits, double your later deposits and give you bonus money. This allows you to play without as much financial risk and also for much cheaper. Some online poker sites allow you to even play in tournaments without an entry fee. So as you can see, playing poker at traditional casinos can be much more expensive then playing on the internet.

Since the early to mid 1990’s when poker became available online, the popularity of the sport has absolutely exploded. Individuals that would have never considered playing the sport, are suddenly giving it a try and are even becoming fans. Internet poker, in many ways, makes up for some of the games weaknesses that people often bring up when discussing playing poker in a traditional casino. Namely, that the game can get expensive, it’s too risky for novice players and it can be intimidating. Online poker cuts down on the intimidation because you and the person(s) that you are playing against, don’t know each other, or at least can’t see each other, you can start off playing for free or at least a significant discount. There are also really great playing specials that you can only find online. This is again, because online casinos have much smaller overhead costs and can pass the savings onto you, the player.

Not all online casinos are secure and ethical. But there is another website that has a list of “accredited casinos” which I play at and they are pretty secure. Are those same ones ethical? Well, for the most part, yes. BUT you will notice that after a few sessions, if not right away, the casino’s supposed random number generator adjusts to your style of play. If you do the martingale strategy, you soon get long losing streaks. If you do progression bets only after a win, you soon get a bunch of one win between blocks of losers.

I’ve done well with a modified progression strategy of upping bets after a win. After winning a few thousand dollars over hundreds of games, I started seeing a lot more of losing double-downs or splits after a win. These would come in the later part of a session (I usually play 30-40 hands in a session) where my progression bet would get a bit larger therefore I would lose double or more of my big progression bet. It appears they start getting close to the outer edge of credibility if you still win despite their earlier efforts to “get you”.

At the bigger accredited casinos, I haven’t heard of someone banned for winning too much. Come on, they have a number of 5- or 6-digit winners so they pay out quite a bit (while taking in a whole lot more).

But overall, at least at accredited online casinos, while I don’t believe they “make it to where you cannot win”, they do employ some type of analysis of your play combined with psychology to make you lose more often than otherwise. Playtech, Micro, Inter, CON, RTG, others, never had a problem of any kind. Always paid. No evidence of anything abnormal at any bet size ever, etc. But that was then so who knows now.

I do remember though being a little worried once when I received a $50 check from Club Dice casino issued by the “Federal Bank of the Middle East” in Nicosia, Cyprus and drawn on a USA bank in California who had a branch located on the 14th floor at Two World Trade Center on Oct 10, 2001, 30 days after 911.

But somehow the check cleared despite the building no longer existing. Don’t doubt you at all. Maybe there’s more bad apples out there than ever before with USA being locked out. I always tried to research a casino’s reputation as best I could before I played anywhere back then. Winning was easy – I always worried about getting paid until the check cleared the bank. I think I had 1 check bounce but it was made good.

I do remember once getting perhaps a little carried away at an RTG group as I’d wake up each morning, by noon anyway, and buy $1K every morning for 30 straight days at 3 different casinos in the same group for a $1K bonus every 7th day at each casino. And manager George or whatever his name was kept dicking around with me when suddenly I wondered where’s the goddam* boatload of cash you owe me.

So I stopped playing there for a while. Eventually they paid me. On an accrual basis, it was my best month ever. $15K in bonuses just from that one group.

Also, strangely enough, likely a weird coincidence, but for some reason they stopped that particular bonus on the 31st day and called me and told me my/anyone’s purchases no longer would qualify for that bonus. In retrospect, I admit I absolutely, shamelessly, and unmercifully abused them, basically shoving a hose in a drowning man’s mouth and laughing while I did it and couldn’t really blame them for being a little upset. Not my finest moment perhaps blinded by greed and $300+/hr as I was. In my defense though I only worked a few hours a day when I could have worked 8 or 10.