Roppongi – Tokyo’s Premier Night Spot

If you’re looking for a night out on the town the famous entertainment hub of Tokyo known as Roppongi is a must see. Though the origin of the name is unknown, the word Roppongi literally means “six trees”, and legend has it the term derives from six warlords that resided in the region during the Edo period. The inception of Roppongi as a nexus of nightlife in Tokyo originated in 1890 when the Imperial Japanese Army took up residence there. With the devastating effect of the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 taking it’s toll, the area was temporarily destroyed, rebuilt, and leveled again by American bombs during World War Two. With the emergence of several military bases in the district during the occupation by American forces, the locale soon teemed with western oriented shops, restaurants, and hostess bars that catered to soldiers hungry for entertainment and female companionship. The late1960’s saw Roppongi becoming popular with Japanese and foreigners alike when disco first made its appearance, the area attracting many of Tokyo’s famous entertainers and movie stars. Several embassies and foreign corporate offices located there also contributed to the international feel that prevails today.

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Any given night in Roppongi still finds a high concentration of military and assorted foreigners intermingling with Japanese businessmen and attractive young women of various nationalities swaying provocatively down the street as they make their way to strip clubs and hostess bars that line the boulevards how much does a gallon of milk weigh . The sidewalks resonate with the cadence of club hawker’s voices and alluring come-ons of scantily dressed women beckoning seductively from doorways leading to the plethora of parlors that offer “massage” and additional carnal pleasures. As you traverse the maze of gleaming neon you find yourself enmeshed in an aura of sexual anticipation that lingers enticingly in the air. Small groups of buff young men or magazine cover perfect couples strolling arm in arm scurry by to destinations that offer the hippest scenes in Tokyo. Inside the most fashionable “gaijin” bars patrons eagerly pack into a space the size of a large elevator, the smoke of a multitude of cigarettes forming a spectral haze that permeates the room. Music blares from strategically placed speakers as men and women pose with studied casualness, their eyes scanning the crowd for the promise of that special someone to share a drink with, or possibly more.

If you’re seeking a more traditional approach to whiling away an afternoon or evening, the recent addition of “Roppongi Hills” shopping and entertainment development is sure to provide what you desire what does wdm mean in texting . Opening with much fanfare in Roppongi in 2003, this mega-complex located on a 27 acre site incorporates restaurants, shops, movie theaters, cafes, a museum, a major TV studio, an outdoor amphitheater, hotels, and an assortment of parks, all of which are centered around the 53 story Mori Tower.

Ethiopia is a traveler’s paradise, especially for those interested in history, tribal cultures, authentic North African food, scenic beauty and commercial/industrial exploration. The richness of Ethiopian culture is perhaps the most magnetic part that does not allow tourists to stick to just one city. A typical vacation in the country would entail a considerable amount of traveling between places of big travel interest in Ethiopia. Some of the biggest attractions are Rift Valley, Blue Nile Falls, Axum, Lalibela, Gonder, Deber Damo, Bahr Dar and Harar.

Most of the interesting locations include historic cities and towns with kingdoms dating back to the 10th century. Harar is one of the cities which attract many visitors for its holy status, handicrafts, textiles and a vast assortment of architecture amongst its 99 mosques. The city is also famous for having been home to the famous French poet Rimbaud, and also for the evening games where local men show their infallible skills by calling and feeding wild hyenas. Similar historic cities include Lalibela, which is known for its surrounding complex of rock churches and medieval settlements at the center.

Axum is one of the most important historic cities with its stories of having been a capital of the erstwhile Axumite State. Axumite Palace, home to Queen Sheba is one of the biggest attractions in the city. The place is also famous for modern stories about the obelisks. Being an important commercial center, ancient and traditional materials from India, Sri Lanka, Persia and the Middle East are part of the attractions for which tourists visit Axum.

If you are interested in fishing and lake towns, you can visit Bahr Dar on the southern side of the country. Smoking Water from the Blue Nile, ancient monasteries and Lake Tana are amongst the biggest attractions in Bahr Dar. For more beautiful lakes and hot springs, you may also be interested in visiting the Rift Valley which is marked by a trail of seven lakes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all cheating men and husbands came fully equipped with signs, scarlet letters, or tattoos warning you of their proclivities? Life would be so much easier if all of us wore signs but part of the pleasure, and pain, of life is the act of discovering the good and the bad for ourselves. There are probably a few signs your husband wishes you came equipped with when you met as well. It all goes back to perfection and our humanly lack thereof.

The real crux of the matter is that we have this mental vision of all cheating husbands as really bad men. In the storybooks in our mind they are always the villains with the curly mustaches. You know the ones. In real life the problem is they look like lovable average Joe’s. It’s hard to tell just by looking who is or will be a cheating husband.

While you can’t pick them out before it happens, there are a few signs that let you know something is up with your husband and that it might be cheating. Here are a few ways you can spot a cheating husband.

1) He is suddenly changing old established habits. Men are creatures of habit. It takes something fairly monumental to get him to start changing those habits. If he has suddenly started showering at the gym, visiting a gym, doing charity work or some other major change in habit or routine that wasn’t discussed with you and agreed upon ahead of time there might be a little smoke to start investigating.

2) Your husband has suddenly taken an interest in fashion or appearance. This is often a sign that he’s interested in impressing someone. It’s great if that someone happens to be you. If he’s asking what you like or what you think then maybe he is working on making your marriage. If he is just making these changes out of the blue then there might be someone else he’s dressing to impress these days. Either way, you need to find out and find out fast which is the case in your situation.