How many days contestants will stay in Bigg Boss house in Telugu?

Contestants will Stay around 105 days in Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Started on 5th September 2021 and would end around by 20th December 2021 as Bigg Boss Telugu Voting already announced that it is a game of 105 days. 36 days have passed till now i.e. from 5th September to 11th October 2021.

More Or Less Than 100 Days

Normally Bigg Boss House Game will be more or less than 100 Days. Majority of the Bigg Boss Seasons have completed with 105 or 106 days. The first Season of Bigg Boss Telugu in 2017 hosted by Jr. NTR concluded with just 70 days. Next nd Season by Nani Closed with 112 days as one week was extended. Later 3rd Season in 2019 was completed with 105 days and 4th season was Closed in 105 days. On the rare cases Number of Days may increase or decrease but 105 days is compulsory for the Housemates as each contestant gets eliminated every week. 

Only 1 Contestant for 1 Week

Number of days may come down if number of contestants elimination is more. For example if 2 Contestants gets eliminated from house every ween then almost in one month 50 Percent housemates will be out of Bigg Boss among 19 Housemates. So Bigg Boss Makers have finally decided for 105 days staying for Housemates.