How to Ensure a Cheap Company Formation

According to business statistics published by Companies House, industrial growth in the UK for the first two months of 2010 surged by almost 14%, as compared to the December 2009 figures. With the recession effect gradually receding, experts believe that 2010 is the ideal time for entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams. For cost-effective and time saving registration processes, consider cheap company formation methods.

Alternative Methods for Cheap Company Formation
With the advent of the internet, there are several alternative methods available for cheap company formations. An individual can save money as well as precious time by considering online platforms for company incorporation.

Here are two prominent methods to ensure cheap company formation in the UK:

Self online incorporation: As a part of the e-governance schemes, the government has made several efforts to streamline the process of company incorporation. With the invention of strategic online tools, it is possible to complete most of the legalities and processes for company registration 有限公司 online. Under this process, one has to submit the fees, Articles of Association and the Form 10 online. The online process does not require the submission of Form 12 or any other statutory declaration as essential in the standard paperwork process. This entire procedure can be completed within five minutes.

To access company incorporation services online, one must have a user account with the Companies House website. This is a simple procedure, where an individual can fill an online form to apply for a user account. It is similar to filling an email account form. Also, you will require dedicated software that is compatible with the authority’s e-Filing procedure.

Online consultants: Although the online process for company registration is hassle-free, it still involves some legalities and process adherence. To this end, you can hire the services of an expert company incorporation consulting firm. They have good knowledge of all the requirements and their exact procedures. Established consultants have good contacts in the Companies House, which make the task easier for them. They are of great help particularly to a new entrepreneur.

To hire a suitable online agent, one must consider the following points:

* Look for customized services.

* Compare prices of different service providers in relation to the range of services offered and years of experience.

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