How to Put on a Condom – 5 Things You Need to Know

The top reason condoms break, tear, or slip off is because men do not put them on correctly. Wearing a condom improperly also leads to sex that doesn’t feel good and may even be painful. Learning how to put a condom on right results in not only safer sex, but also much more pleasurable sex.

How To Put A Condom On Properly

1. Select a condom that is the correct size for you.

2. Use both hands to open the condom wrapper. Do not use your teeth. Opening the condom is the most common way they get ripped. Open the wrapper at one end, not in the middle.

3. Figure out which side is “inside-out.” You can do condom 價錢 this by trying to unroll the condom a little before putting it on. If you have it inside-out, it will not unroll. If it is inside-out, simply push the tip back through to the other side.

4. Place it on the tip of your penis and pinch the tip of the condom. This ensures there is space at the top of the condom to catch fluids. If the tip fills with air because you do not pinch it, you are more likely to experience a break, which might result in catching a disease or an unwanted pregnancy.

5. While pinching the tip with one hand, roll the condom down your shaft all the way to the bottom. Condoms are made so that there is extra material for the length. It will not unroll all the way, and this is the way it is supposed to be.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are not absolutely sure of how to put one on, practice putting one on while you are alone. Doing this ensures you know the correct way to do it and will save you the embarrassment of fumbling around with a condom when you are with a woman.