Liberty Tax Service Franchise Review

Liberty Tax Service accounts for fast preparation of income tax accounts. It is a complete service of computerized tax statement preparation and online filing services that comes with a money back guarantee. As a part of income tax services, this company is also engaged in advising the customers about, auditing, reviews and recommendations for investments in the matters of ease on tax liabilities. The firm takes a full responsibility of initiating the tax refunds.

Tax Preparation Services – Options & Costs for Filing Taxes

Liberty Tax Service offers some of the distinct services to extend 100% assistance to the customers. These are in the matter of informing the customers about various income tax incentives suitable to the individuals, return preparation, submission of returns, and getting refunds.

Attractive Features Of Liberty Tax Service

To reckon with customers’ confidence, the first attraction is a service throughout the year. The customers feel guided towards a proper course of direction in correlation with their possible tax liabilities with free consultations. This is supported with assistance in the event of an IRS audit on the returns, which in itself offers a very big confidence to the tax payers Tax Services . It does not stop with Liberty’s valuable presence during IRS audit, but the company also helps the customers in subsequent correspondence with IRS. The customers can get free copies of the tax return documents. Above all, with all the earnestness of serving the customers, Liberty Tax Service guarantees customer satisfaction. For any reason of dissatisfaction of the customers, there is a standing commitment of returning tax return preparation fee.

Benefits Of Liberty Tax Service Franchise

Today, it is a fast growing tax preparation company of international repute for spontaneous confidence of the customers. This type of unfaltering confidence has been built up with meticulous care to serve the customers for a period of over 10 years in the service industry since it was started in 1997 in Canada. The company is also known to provide services other than tax preparations. These services include making Work Pay Calculator that allows a credit against the amount of tax; the tax interviews to assess aspects of incentives that may be applicable in individual cases for maximum tax benefits, working out possible adjustments to a maximum extent and more regarding the credits and bank loans.

Span Of Liberty Tax Service Franchise

The franchise of Liberty Tax Service has leaped from 1,727 in 2006 to 2,664 in 2009 in the US market. The Canadian franchises have remained at the level of 275 since 2006. There is still ample of scope for expansion of the franchisee network in the US and the company is interested in all the areas with a population of 30,000. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the targeted foreign countries for franchise operations.